Division of Nephrology-Hypertension

Roland C. Blantz, M.D.

Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Emeritus
Curriculum Vitae

Phone: (858) 657-8737 ext 7528
E-mail: rblantz@ucsd.edu
Location : VAMC (SD)
Room : 3268
Mail Code : 9111H
Mailing Address : 9500 Gilman Drive # 9111H
La Jolla, CA 92093-9111
Fax : (858)552-7549

Research Interests

My major areas of research involve renal physiology and pathophysiology. Funded areas of research involve:

  1. Regulation of glomerular filtration rate and proximal tubulear reabsorption. This involves the mechanisms involved in tubuloglomerular feedback systems and the hormonal basis of TGF temporal adaptation
  2. Arginine metabolism in inflammation and the regulation of kidney function. This involves the regulation of enzymes that metabolize arginine and help regulate the process of cellular proliferation and generation of nitric oxide as well as scarring and healing. Arginine role in sepsis is part of this research focus.
  3. Kidney function in the early diabetic kidney. This involves the processes which lead to kidney hypertrophy, hyperfiltration and the phenomenon of abnormal NaCl sensitivity in the early diabetic kidney.
  4. Regulation of oxygen utilization in the kidney. Various hormonal influences and transport systems exert influences which contribute to the regulation of oxidative metabolism in the kidney, which confers risks of ischemia in both the acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease progression.
  5. Studies on models on chronic kidney disease. These studies examine the abnormalities that occur in the chronic kidney disease models which include alterations in hormonal influences and metabolism that may contribute to the tendency to progression of disease and interstitial damage and fibrosis.

Clinical Interests

My attending is primarily on the nephrology consult service with a major interest in ICU patients with acute kidney injury, volume alterations leading to kidney failure and problems with acid base and electrolyte disorders. Nephrology attending occurs at UCSD, Thornton and VA Medical Center services. I have major interests in chronic kidney disease and the establishment of multidisciplinary CKD clinics, an area I have contributed to both locally and as part of national policy thru interactions with ASN and other societies and agencies.

Selected Publications

Thomson SC, Deng A, Wead L, Richter K, Blantz RC, and Vallon V. an unexpected role for angiotensin II in the link between dietary salt and proximal reabsorption. J Clin Invest 116:1110-1116, 2006.

Deng A, Miracle CM, Lortie M, Satriano J, Gabbai FB, Munger KA, Thomson SC, and Blantz RC. Kidney oxygen consumption, carbonic anhydrase, and proton secretion. Am J Physiol 290:F1009-F19015, 2006.

Deng A, Miracle CM, Suarez JM, Lortie M, Satriano J, Thomson SC, Munger KA, Blantz RC: Oxygen consumption in the kidney: Effects of nitric oxide synthase isoforms and angiotensin II. Kidney Int, 68:723-730, 2005

Munger KA, Blantz RC, Lortie MJ. Acute renal response to LPS: Impaired arginine production and inducible nitric oxide synthase activity. Am J Physiol:Regulatory,291:R684-R691, 2006.

Thomson SC, Deng A, Bao D, Satriano J, Blantz R. Ornithine decarboxylase, kidney size, and the tubular hypothesis of glomerular hyperfiltration in experimental diabetes. J Clin Invest 107:217-224, 2001.