Division of Nephrology-Hypertension

Sushil Kumar Mahata, Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine
Research Physiologist (VA)
Curriculum Vitae

Phone : (858)552-8585 ext 2637
Alternate Phone: (858)534-0639
E-mail : smahata@ucsd.edu
Location : SCRB/SOM
Room: 207
Mail Code : 0838
Mailing Address : 200 West Arbor Drive #0838
San Diego, CA 92103-0838
Fax : (858)642-6425

Research Interests

We are interested in functional characterization of catecholamine storage vesicle proteins and peptides derived from those proteins particularly in the development of hypertension, sensitivity to insulin and cardiovascular effects utilizing cultured cells, transgenic and knockout mice. In addition, we are investigating whether single nucleotide polymorphisms in humans correlate with the incidence of hypertension.

Selected Publications

Mahata SK, O’Connor DT, Mahata M, Yoo SH, Taupenot L, Wu H, Gill BM, Parmer RJ. Novel autocrine feedback control of catecholamine release. A discrete chromogranin A fragment is a non-competitive nicotinic cholinergic antagonist. J Clin Invest 100: 1623-1633 (1997).

Mahata SK, Mahata M, Wakade AR, O'Connor DT. (2000). Primary structure and function of the catecholamine release-inhibitory peptide catestatin (chromogranin A344-364): identification of amino acid residues crucial for activity. Mol Endocrinol 14: 1525-35.

Wen G*, Mahata SK*, Cadman P, Mahata M, Ghosh S Mahapatra NR, Rao F, Stridsberg M, Smith DW, Mahboubi P, O’Connor DT, Hamilton BA. (2004). Both rare and common polymorphisms contribute functional variation at CHGA, a regulator of catecholamine physiology. Am J Hum Genet 74: 197-207 [*equal contribution).

Mahapatra NR, Vaingankar SM, Sinha Hikim AP, Mahata M, Ray S, Staite E, Wu H, Gu Y, Dalton N, Kennedy BP, Ziegler MG, Ross Jr J, O'Connor DT, Mahata SK. (2005). Targeted ablation of the chromogranin A gene: rescue of the elevated blood pressure by human homolog. J Clin Invest 115: 1942-1952.

Rao F, Wen G, Gayen JR, Das M, Vaingankar SM, Rana BK, Mahata M, Kennedy BP, Salem RM, Stridsberg M, Abel K, Smith DW, Eskin E, Schork NJ, Hamilton BA, Ziegler MG, Mahata SK, O’Connor DT. (2007). The catecholamine release inhibitory peptide catestatin (chromogranin A [CHGA]352-372): A naturally occurring amino acid variant (Gly364Ser) causes profound changes in human autonomic activity and alters risk for hypertension. Circulation 115: 2271-2281.