Division of Nephrology-Hypertension

Daniel T. O'Connor, M.D.

Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Curriculum Vitae

Phone : (858)534-0661
E-mail : doconnor@ucsd.edu
Location : Pharmaceutical Sci B
Room : 4256
Mail Code : 0838
Mailing Address : 9500 Gilman Drive # 0838
La Jolla, CA 92093-0838
Fax : (858) 534-0626

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Research Interests

The sympathoadrenal efferent branch of the autonomic nervous system plays a key minute-to-minute role in regulation of blood pressure, and excessive sympathoadrenal activity is clearly implicated in the pathogenesis of hypertension, both primary (genetic, essential) and secondary (acquired), in both humans and experimental animals. Our basic laboratory studies aim to understand the cellular processes of catecholamine biosynthesis, storage, and release. Our clinical studies probe genetic determinants of hypertension, renal disease, and antihypertensive drug responses.

Selected Publications

  1. O'Connor DT, Bernstein KN:  Radioimmunoassay of chromogranin A in plasma as a measure of exocytotic sympathoadrenal activity in normal subjects and patients with pheochromocytoma.  New Engl J Med 311:764-770, 1984. PMID: 6472366. (topic of editorial)
  2. O'Connor DT, Deftos LJ:  Secretion of chromogranin A by peptide producing endocrine neoplasms.  New Engl J Med 314:1145-1151, 1986. PMID: 3007986.
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  5. K Zhang, L Zhang, F Rao, B Brar, JL Rodriguez-Flores, L Taupenot, DT O’Connor. Human Tyrosine Hydroxylase Natural Genetic Variation: Delineation Of Functional Transcriptional Control Motifs Disrupted In The Proximal Promoter. Circ Cardiovasc Genetics 2010;3:187-198. PMID: 20124442. PMCID: PMC3064953.
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